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Parasailing in Yolo Tour


1 Person $28 x22 Person $54
Soar high with a thrilling ride, suspended from a parachute, and enjoy breathtaking views.
Jetski in Yolo Tour

Jet Ski Water

x22 Person/15 minutes $28
Experience adrenaline on waves with high-speed jet ski adventures!
Banana Boat in Yolo Tour

Banana Boat

x55 Person/15 minutes $36
Wave-riding fun for all! Glide the waters on an inflatable banana for a thrilling group adventure!
Scuba Diving Boat in Yolo Tour

Scuba Diving

1 Person $26
Dive deep, explore wonders, and witness the beauty of the underwater world!
Sea-Walking Boat in Yolo Tour


1 Person $38
Walk underwater, marvel at marine life, and experience the ocean's magic effortlessly!
Please contact Yolo's tour staff to join the activity
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Special Food - Only in YOLO

Chao Nhum

Nhum Congee

Nhum Congee, a Vietnamese delicacy, blends nourishment and tradition in a comforting bowl. Rich in nutrients, this porridge embodies both health and authentic flavors, making it a staple in Vietnamese households
Nhum Sasimi

Nhum Sasimi

Sasimi Nhum, a Vietnamese delicacy, showcases the art of raw jellyfish preparation, offering a unique fusion of flavors and textures in every bite.
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Lunch menu - Enjoy on the island

Free of Charge - has been included in the ticket price

Yolo Lunch Menu
Sweet and sour stir -fried squid
Yolo Lunch Menu
Garlic shrimp
Yolo Lunch Menu
Seafood ram rolls
Yolo Lunch Menu
Fried noodles
Yolo Lunch Menu
Lemongrass clam
Yolo Lunch Menu
Seaweed soup
Yolo Lunch Menu
Yolo Lunch Menu
Mixed Salad
Yolo Lunch Menu
White rice
Yolo Lunch Menu
Yolo Lunch Menu
Iced tea
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